Pinups for PItbulls calendarDeirdre “Little Darling” Franklin has been rescuing Pit Bulls for years now. After finding that most shelters in Philly and New Jersey were more willing to euthanize the animals rather than adopt or foster them into good homes, Franklin decided to create the non-profit Pinups for Pitbulls, as well as the popular calendar that pays tribute to not only one of the most misunderstood dog breeds, but also eye-catching pinups and their very own pups.

The new 2013 calendar – with proceeds benefitting the nonprofit – is inspired by the work of both Norman Rockwell and Gil Elvgren, celebrating the bond between woman and dog. Franklin is featured on the cover with her two Pit Bull mixes, Carla Lou (age 18) and Baxter Ben (age 6) – both rescues.

“Carla-Lou is a true spokesmodel and ambassa-dog for PFPB, showing everyone that comes into her wiggly path nothing but kindness and kisses, embodying a true Pit Bull-type dog through and through,” says Franklin. “As Carla-Lou continues to grow older and wiser, she is a constant inspiration, and a reminder of the love a human can share with a dog.”

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Pinup for Pitbulls? Click here to be considered for next year’s calendar and other special events.


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