Courtesy of Scissor Sisters

Courtesy of Scissor Sisters

Ana Matronic, the flamboyant front woman of the Grammy-nominated nu-disco band Scissor Sisters, is getting serious with a new message about the state of gay rights. Matronic, who’s performed a few times in Philly with her gay male band mates (Confession: saw them at the Khyber before the Khyber traded in their live music rep for gastropub grub), is speaking up about horrific human rights violations against LGBT people around the world.

“I come from a very eccentric, eclectic household,” she says, with an open-minded mom and gay father who died when she was just 15. “It is my dream of dreams to have everybody in the world be unafraid to be who they truly are and to be able to express themselves.”

She tells the story of a lesbian named Noxolo Nogwaza who was raped and murdered in South Africa, a vicious crime that has yet to be solved.


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