Courtesy of the Barnes Foundation

Courtesy of the Barnes Foundation

Controversial? Definitely. But the new Barnes Foundation also has more than 800 paintings and 2,500 more objects on display in its new home on the Ben Franklin Parkway. If you’ve been among those art lovers waiting to get up close and personal with some of the most acclaimed works by European Impressionists and other modern masters – and you’re gay – you’re in luck. QVentures is hosting the first “gay day” at the Barnes this month (January 20).

The experience begins with lunch (restaurant TBA) at noon, followed by a tour of the museum (2 p.m.). Because the Barnes offers timed tickets, reservations are required in advance (each ticket is $20 plus a processing fee).

The current exhibition takes a look at collector Dr. Albert C. Barnes experiments in education, and how he used some of the more famous works in his collection to teach generations about arts and culture, mixing both contemporary art with metalworks and primitive sculpture.

Want more Barnes? Up next this spring (May 4) is an exhibition of wall sculpture by Ellsworth Kelly.

Want to be an art god? Impress your friends in advance by taking an audio tour of the Barnes via iTunes or Google Play.


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