Courtesy of Lesbro

Courtesy of Lesbro

Straight men and lesbians have more in common than online porn. They are finding the kind of camaraderie that gay men and their fruit flies have long enjoyed in the corner pockets of pop culture. And fortunately for Philly, hoods as far flung as East Passyunk and Fishtown have become bastions for this burgeoning relationship (hipsters don’t lie) as young straight guys and gay gals call the eclectic enclaves home thanks to indie businesses, dive bars and cheaper-than-cheap rents.

But what is a lesbro exactly?

The working definition in the gay lexicon refers to a straight man who is best buds with a gay woman – or lesbian. Together, they may share a love of, say, microbrews, outdoor sports, unisex clothing, fair trade coffee. Practically speaking, the lesbro bond isn’t that unlike a brother-sister connection, a sexless relationship between two people of different genders who share the most intimate moments of their lives (hello, girlfriend stories) along with a hearty serving of … Pendleton and vegan sausage.

Think the lesbro is more gay unicorn than the deftly formed friendship we claim it to be? There’s even a web-based series that all starts with a mutual love of … muffins:

Do you have a lesbro story you’d like to share? Send your name, photo and details to ThePhillyQ@yahoo.com and you could be featured “In the Q.”


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