Courtesy of Stagg

Courtesy of Stagg

As we move closer to gay marriage in a few more key states this year, a new survey of gay men suggests that guys who are logging onto dating sites may be looking for a lot more than we think. The folks behind a new hookup app called Stagg (it launched just before the holidays) have found that as many as two-thirds of available gay men are using these apps to find Mr. Right – for the long haul.

“The Supreme Court of the United States has announced they’d hear arguments in late March on two historic cases that could dramatically advance legal recognition of same-sex relationships,” says Brad Brenner, a licensed psychologist and Stagg co-founder. “However, partly due to decades of stigmatization and discrimination faced by the LGBT community and, in particular, our romantic lives, gay men continue to find themselves too often wandering in bars, places of work or online – our version of wandering in the wilderness – in search of potential long-term partners.”

But it turns out the guys who are logging on (66 percent of them, to be exact) are looking for love. Real love. The kind that can end up in a wedding registry at Brooks Brothers. And almost as many men seeking men say they’re also open to new friendships. It’s not just about the sex anymore, says Stagg. Really?

Since most of us tend to have our, um, heads buried in our smart phones nowadays, another 56 percent of the men also said that they are quite comfortable using these apps in public (it doesn’t hurt that most of them – like Manhunt and Grindr – use GPS navigation to pinpoint prospects right down to a few feet). “Well, hello gorgeous.”

And while it doesn’t say much for attentive dinner conversation anymore (remember the days of talking over texting?), more than a third of guys also say they spend a lot of time looking for the man of their dreams online and in the company of friends.

Click here to find out more about the survey and what gay men really think about online dating by the numbers.

The good news is that we are also launching a dating website of sorts – only this time for women seeking women in Philly. Because if we’ve learned anything from visiting the Gayborhood all these years – it’s that naughty girls need love, too. Stay tuned …


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