Courtesy of Crate + Barrel

Courtesy of Crate + Barrel

Have you seen the new Crate + Barrel catalog yet? This month’s “inspiration” book features an interracial gay male couple enjoying a romantic dinner together – surrounded by a slew of well-appointed goodies. The guys are spotlighted in the “Us & Always” section with ideas for having the perfect night in – Italian dinner, wine, candlelight, sexy times and all.

The caption for this big gay love fest: “Spend a Saturday night at home, cooking together, dining together. Music, candlelight, and a good bottle of wine, and you can have the table as long as you like.”

Crate + Barrel even shares a free Tomato and Olive Fettuccine recipe, tutorials about some of the best wines, and a curated music playlist for download on iTunes.

A little schmaltzy, sure, but we have to hand it to Crate + Barrel for including a same-sex story line. The chain’s actually been very gay-friendly over the years. A same-sex couple even came in second place in the “Ultimate Wedding Contest.”


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