Courtesy of Art Star

Courtesy of Art Star

These vegan-friendly neck and bow ties from Art Star are handmade by Bethany Shorb’s Cyberoptix Tie Lab in Detroit. Each unisex tie is handprinted with non-toxic, water-based ink in a slew of fun designs – flying mustaches, cockpit, kitten, ampersand and so on.

“In addition to the screenprinted line, some limited-edition and custom-made ties are made with deconstructed vintage, recycled or other sustainable materials,” says Shorb. “Microfiber is our most common finish – why not exclusively silk? Many who choose not to consume animal products for ethical, dietary and religious reasons are concerned about the silk industry and wear nothing derived from living things. In the interest of not being exclusionary, we have decided to carry ties in silk and microfiber; and scarves in silk and viscose.”

Not only do the rock ‘n roll ties make great wardrobe enhancers – whether you’re sprucing up a boring business suit or going butch to the hottest party in town (Stimulus’ Back II Basics is this weekend) – they’re also fast becoming popular for weddings. And seeing as how same-sex nuptials have already kick started in Maryland, there may be no better time to tie one on.

Art Star, 623 North Second Street, 215-238-1557.


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