All photos courtesy of the artist

All photos courtesy of the artist

Name:  Michael Fulkerson

Home:  Graduate Hospital

Medium: Fabric and tree branches

My work: “I’ve jokingly referred to it as Fabric Ornithology or Fiber Taxidermy.  But I guess I would call it kinetic sculpture where I try to create a harmony by finding a perfect color balance as well as the balancing of the natural tree branches. I say that I’m balancing art and nature. The engineer in me loves this challenge.”

My inspiration: “Music is great inspiration for me. I am always looking for new music of any genre. I don’t think people should listen to the same music over and over and for any length of time. Always listen to something new and unique. It keeps life fresh and opens new ideas and worlds. I also find inspiration in mid-century modern illustration. That has definitely had an influence on the look of my work.”

FulkersonBuy it: On my Etsy site.

My favorite things: “I mostly spend time around my own neighborhood. I’ve been trying to spend time in the Passyunk Avenue area. There’s a lot on new life going there.”

Artists I admire: “That’s a hard one. There are so many creative people out there that I admire. There’s a quilter named Bruce Seeds from Wisconsin that I think makes the most beautiful quilts. He constructs them with an architect’s eye, which I love. I also love the work of painter Scott Coulter. He is always at the Rittenhouse Fine Arts Show and I usually end up standing in front of his booth in awe.”

My new projects: “I’ve had whales on the brain lately, so I’m thinking about making something with them.”

Want to see Fulkerson’s mobile in motion? Click here.


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