Drag MafiaBrittany Lynn (a.k.a. Ian Morrison) and the infamous Drag Mafia take over ICandy tonight (11:30 p.m.) during “Divas to the Dance Floor” with what we are told will be a huge opening number with more than enough glitz to take you into Saturday. Some of the illusionists (including a drag king) will be Robyn Kradles (we love that handle), Mary D’Knight, Shannen Chiccone, Sakura Allure, Emily Dee and Joey Tomboy.

“These girls all started drag – many for the first time – a year ago at ICandy when we had our monthly contest,” says Morrison. “They grew into great performers so quickly I made them into a cast and now they are performing their favorite diva for the crowd as an anniversary show. Can’t wait to show off how far they’ve come – I’m a proud mama.”

Morrison is still reeling from the success of organizing the first-ever official drag brigade during this New Year’s Day Mummer’s Parade – much to many a reveler’s delight. In fact, we saw the queens kissing lots of babies that day – and even posing with the PPD.

“Divas to the Dance Floor,” Jan. 11, 11:30 p.m., ICandy, 254 South 12th Street.


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