"Departure," Eric Gibbons, oil on canvas (courtesy of William Way)

“Departure,” Eric Gibbons, oil on canvas (courtesy of the William Way)

Tonight, the William Way is showcasing some of the great works from its permanent collection during an opening reception (6 p.m.). All of the pieces in the show – drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture – have been donated either by the artists or from previous owners of the works.

The show includes about a dozen works, including several pieces by H. David Homan (1930 – 2007), an artist who had lived for many years in Philadelphia, but had never actually visited the center. But by 2006 (from his new home in Arizona), Homan began to donate pieces – lots of them.

“By the time that he passed the following year,” says Candice Thompson, director of center services for the William Way, “he had donated a substantial amount of his artwork to the center and the funds to start our Robert R. Rosenbaum Oral History Project, named after his late partner.”

Homan was even featured in a solo memorial exhibition at the William Way in September of 2007 in collaboration with the Fleisher Art Memorial, which also has a number of Homan’s works in their collection.

Along with Homan, other artists featured in the exhibition are Zoe Strauss, Eric Gibbons, Laureen Griffin, K. Pennypacker, Justin Johnson, Gyan Samora, Bruce Brown, Ellen Susan Rosenberg, Elise Dodeles, Clare Din, Amanda Rosado and The Philly Q‘s own Natalie Hope McDonald.

Click here to also find out about tonight’s opening of Emmett Ramstad’s “Intimately Preserved,” including an exclusive interview with the artist.

Opening Reception, Jan. 11, 6 p.m., William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street.


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