Courtesy of MileyCyrus.com

Courtesy of MileyCyrus.com

First, she chopped off her long locks and went blond. Then, she asked for a big-bootied stripper for her birthday and raved about how Kristen Stewart is looking “soooo good.” Now, Miley Cyrus is tweeting about her latest “girl crush” on, yep, Katy Perry.

She tweeted recently:

Had dreams about @katyperry all night. dayummm that was a good time! #cherrychapstick ❤❤❤ need to c u more often sloot! Xxxxx

She may be spending a lot of time in Philly with her dreamy fiancée Liam Helmsworth, but we’ve always suspected that Miley is a bit more, well, “open-minded” ever since she started handing homophobes scoldings on the social media site. We just want to know when she’ll have a drink with us at Sisters. Wait, is she even old enough for that? Okay, make it Cafe Twelve.


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