Courtesy of Codebreaker

Courtesy of Codebreaker

After Wednesday’s nomination for “Outstanding Documentary” by the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, the film Codebreaker is getting ready for a national release. The documentary chronicles the extraordinary life of gay World War II hero Alan Turing who was responsible for cracking German code and essentially helped change the course of the war to defeat the Nazis. He’s also known as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence.

The film itself chronicles Turing’s own life and, despite his military successes, the persecution he faced from the British government simply because he was gay. He was only 41-years-old when committed suicide in 1954.

“The nationwide release of Codebreaker is a truly grassroots effort,” says Andrew Fogelson, president of TODpix, the film’s distributor.

Look for the film starting next month as part of a new model called “theatrical on demand” that lets movie goers opt for screenings in their communities. “It’s exciting for us to be using this new ‘theatrical on demand’ model for the national release,” says Fogelson. “It’s a fitting tribute to Alan Turing that the digital technology he was so instrumental in creating is what will be used to make sure this film reaches as many people as possible.”

Codebreaker had screened in Philadelphia last year (it was one of only nine cities in the country to show the documentary), but it could return with enough audience enthusiasm. The movie is also one of five nominees that will be winning a GLAAD Media Award at a ceremony in New York on March 16, in Los Angeles on April 20 and in San Francisco on May 11.


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