Screen capture from Gay.com

Screen capture from Gay.com

Remember Gay.com? It’s back with new features and a redesign that makes it a contender again in a gay dating world that’s been dominated by Grindr and Manhunt.

Guys can still search for sex (and love) via thousands of photo profiles – shirts are optional. And the site still also offers instant messaging (hello, gorgeous) to make romantic connections.

But Gay.com also added a few new features, like the ability to share pics, find where members are located and accessing suggested matches in the palm of your hand. This means it’s that much easier to find the bear, twink, muscle Mary (or whatever) of your wet dreams.

As a bonus, news is also posted on the site through partnerships with Out, The Advocate and other LGBT news sources. And yep, it’s still free to set up a profile.


One thought on “Gay.com is Back

  1. Guess what, they never left the room! You really missed the mark on this one. As a gay.com premium member, it’s not worth the time. They took away chat rooms, which many want back, they took away profile portions, including HIV status, took away being invisible, took away lots of other things. The way you make it sound, you need to disclose what services and other payola you have with planet out inc. It’s not a good change at all. I am very disappointed that I was never consulted as to what needed changed or not. Your article is so far off, you are in Bangladesh, not San Fran! I now notice few local people online, since the changes. I also see people complain about not getting all IM’s from other users. Just last night, i was online and had to drop gay.com’s chat client (which can’t be moved anywhere in the browser window, like before the changes) for yahoo messenger. You also no longer get mail, unlike on facebook. Don’t say gay.com is back…. it’s still there, but even more of a mess now, than it ever was.

    A paying and pissed off gay.com customer!

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