Photo by Jeremy Lucido (courtesy of the artist)

Photo by Jeremy Lucido (courtesy of the artist)

Philly singer-songwriter Aiden James released a new video for his single “Hurry Hurry” just in time for his live hometown show at the Tin Angel this weekend (Saturday, Jan. 26 at 7 p.m.). The catchy love song comes from his acclaimed album The Trouble With This, which soared on the iTunes charts.

Catch him while you can. In an interview with The Advocate, James revealed he may be hitting the road again. “I am working on a move out west,” he said. “I’ve been rehearsing a lot with some new equipment, vocal processors, pedals to distort or enhance guitar sounds, so basically when I perform you’ll get an advanced Aiden 1.0. Instead of Aiden with an acoustic guitar which people love but as a musician you get bored so you want to pull in some extra stuff to keep it interesting for yourself.”

In another Philly twist, the very talented filmmaker Marquis Lee of I’m From Driftwood shot this latest video in New York City.


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