Courtesy of Logo

Courtesy of Logo

They’re getting the breast plates, Spanx and wigs assembled for the new fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race tonight on LOGO (10 p.m.). There are lot of contenders from Florida this year (whatever), but the Keystone State also represents with none other than Alaska, Sharon Needles boy/girlfriend who hails from Pittsburgh. We just want to know when Philly is going to be in the spotlight. Paging Brittany Lynn …

Meanwhile Alaska’s been busy tweeting up a storm. Here’s a sample of her infinite wisdom 2.0:

“like me, horses are strong, mighty, and beautiful beasts of burden – and we love to eat HAAAAAY.”

“when i go to florida i’m going to wear nothing but a speedo and a great big smile.”

“me and sharon aren’t the same – she has talent!”

“i can barely stand up in drag, let alone WALK.”

We have a joke for the occasion. What do you call this queen after she’s been hitting the Maui Wowee? Baked Alaska, of course.

Want more laughs? Meet the season five queens:


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