Courtesy of William Way

Courtesy of William Way

By Christopher Bartlett

After such a mild winter last year, I had forgotten just how cold it can get here in Philadelphia. Last week was uncomfortably frigid, and the William Way LGBT Community Center saw a significant increase in visitors just needing a place to warm up. Our doors are open every single day, and we welcome our LGBTQ friends and allies with open arms to come in, rest, chat with friends, and recoup before heading back out into the cold.

As many of you know, the center’s beautiful home is a 27,000-square-foot, four-story pre-Civil-War-era building. Although its charm always seems to outshine any shortcomings, I can’t ignore the outrageously high heating bills the past few months. Don’t fret – we’ll always keep it warm and toasty for our visitors, but we could use your help to weather the winter.

We have an incredibly ambitious, but achievable goal to raise $10,000 between today and the end of the month. Together, we can make good on the “Feed the Furnace Challenge!” Please donate today, and be responsible for keeping the center and everyone who uses it comfortable this winter.

Click here to donate today.

Bartlett is the executive director of the LGBT community center.


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