Courtesy of the author

Courtesy of the author

“About a year ago, I dreamed of creating a charity cookbook project to benefit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, N.Y.,” says Sarah E. Brown. “My vision for the cookbook was to assemble the weirdest, most unique, and delicious recipes from top vegan chefs, bloggers and authors around the world and sell this collection to benefit the sanctuary and donate 100 percent of proceeds to go towards helping the animals.”

The Queer Vegan Cookbook features recipes that use all animal-free ingredients (no eggs, dairy or meat) with fun, healthy recipes that expand upon the already creative culinary canon of meatless munching. Look for recipes from many queer and vegan chefs like J.L Fields, Eric Levinson and Heidi George – and fresh, colorful dishes like blueberry avocado salsa, purple yam ice cream, cabbage pie and a little something called a “supercharged superfood nori love” that’s both a delicious and nutritious wrap.

Click here to order the cookbook. Or find out more about the Animal Sanctuary here.


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