Courtesy of EJAF

Courtesy of EJAF

The romantics among us may not like to think too much about AIDS on Valentine’s Day, but Elton John can’t think of a better time to shed some light on the disease. The legend, who created the Elton John AIDS Foundation, has joined forced with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to launch a new AIDS awareness campaign – just in time to make cupid a little less stupid.

He’s asking everyone to tweet an image of their finger with a pin prick of blood and the message “Love is in My Blood” to help end the stigma associated with HIV.

Celebs like Jessie J. and Jamie Oliver have already signed on, according to The Independent. Weiwei has also created a film, saying he wanted to find “an expression that raises awareness for this crisis among as many people as possible.”

The film will be running on big screens in major international cities like New York and Kiev today.

“The idea of this campaign is not to get everyone pricking their fingers,” John told the media, “but to get the world’s attention; to challenge the equation that HIV-positive blood only equals fear and isolation.”

Check out Weiwei’s video:


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