The ad in question (courtesy of Almasy)

The ad in question (courtesy of Almasy)

A wedding photographer named Anne Almasy recently shared her own wedding nightmare story. It all started when she decided to purchase her first-ever print advertisement in Weddings Unveiled, a magazine she says she was attracted to thanks to its “photo-centric spreads and clean design.” But what happened next is surprising.

After submitted the ad with a stunning black-and-white photo of a couple she photographed on their big day, Almasy was asked if she would be willing to reconsider the image.

So what was the big deal about the photo she chose? It featured a same-sex couple, two women who she says embody exactly what she hopes to capture at weddings. “I chose this picture because, to me, it says love. It says home. It says joy,” says Almasy.

But the editor of Weddings Unveiled didn’t agree. Almasy says after she submitted the ad, she heard back from the magazine with this message:

“Is there possibly another photograph you’d like to use in your ad? We just don’t feel comfortable publishing an ad featuring a same-sex couple. These aren’t our personal beliefs, of course, but, you know …”

No. She didn’t have another photo she wanted to use. And, as it turns out, the magazine opted to reject her ad all together – a move that might have most publishing professionals scratching their heads considering the economic challenges faced daily (not to mention the overt homophobic display). But worse, the photographer says she was horrified by the experience.

“I don’t shoot gay weddings or straight weddings, Christian weddings or Jewish weddings, good weddings or bad weddings,” she says. “I photograph PEOPLE on their wedding day.”

The ending of the story, however bumpy the ride, does offer some light. After consideration (and no doubt pressure from folks all over social media – that’s where we found the story), the magazine editors offered Almasy a place to publish her ad. And while we are certainly pleased to see this reversal of conscience and the two parties working together toward a much more enlightened common goal, it comes with a heavy heart that the editors would even think to reject the photo in the first place. If we were Almasy, we’re not sure we would be eager to place the ad in Weddings Unveiled. We may look for a publication that is more than happy to have our business – and our backs.

Click here to read the entire exchange and tell us what you think.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Mag Bias?

  1. That’s awful! It’s really difficult for some people to step outside the norms they have. I can’t imagine being a gay couple trying to find a publication that welcomes them. All the standard magazines are 99% hetro-focused.

  2. Thanks for sharing my story! In writing the letter, my goal was to reach out and invite the magazine to let their personal beliefs guide their business decisions. They did just that, and I couldn’t be more humbled. They easily could have defending their original decision, or tried to spin it in some way. The fact that they chose to apologize says, to me, that they are sincere. The best part? This happy couple’s favorite wedding photo will be in a full-page ad in Weddings Unveiled’s spring and summer publications. This is just one step toward embracing love and family in all its many forms, but I feel like it’s a big one!

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