Courtesy of chainat

Courtesy of chainat

Did you know that 27 percent of gay men – and 18 percent of lesbians – are early adopters of some of the hottest new tech toys? Or that the LGBT community loves their smartphones almost a  third more than the national average? That’s why The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit focused on helping ensure digital safety, has created a new collaboration with the LGBT Technology Partnership to encourage greater awareness about cybersecurity specific to the LGBT community.

The groups have already collaborated on a cyber education toolkit with fact sheets, including the first 
“What LGBT Communities Should Know About Online Safety.” Both organizations will also hold a Twitter chat about LGBT cyber safety issues (June 13) in honor of Internet Safety Month and LGBT Pride Month. You may never look at your hookup-apps the same way again.

“The Internet pervades our daily lives like never before and for specific populations, such as the LGBT community, the web is an integral tool to stay connected,” explains Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. “Everyone with access to the Internet should be well-educated about the importance of online safety and we believe that education and awareness is best received when it comes from a trusted a source.”

With cyber bullying on the rise, not to mention concerns over wisespread identity theft, Christopher Wood, co-founder of the LGBT Technology Partnership, is hoping to prevent problems while using the web to create more opportunities for the LGBT community. “The LGBT Technology Partnership’s mission is to make sure LGBT communities are aware of the significant benefits, but also the underlying challenges that come with the early adoption of new technologies,” he says.

Research has shown that the LGBT community should be focusing on how to prevent problems before they happen, especially if you consider that 59 percent of gay men and 58 percent of lesbians are more likely to rely on technology to help manage their hectic lifestyles and stay connected.


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