Illustration by NHM

Illustration by NHM

This June, the Supreme Court will decide the fate of both DOMA and Prop 8 – two cases that could change the way we consider same-sex marriage in America. In honor of the historic decisions – and Pride month – LOGO wants to hear from you.

Planning on popping the question? Do it on television by sending LOGO your proposal video. Already married? Submit your wedding pics and you could be featured as part of the new “Ring It On” awareness campaign celebrating marriage equality from coast to coast.

Here’s how to share your videos:

*         Keep videos under 60 seconds.

*         Don’t wear any visible brands (i.e. Nike, Louis Vuitton, etc.).

*         Don’t put any music into the piece.

*         Submit a .MOV file.

*         Use WeTransfer to post the video. Or email it to onlinemarketing@logostaff.com.

To send wedding or commitment ceremony photos:

*         Send in the names of anyone featured in the photos.

*         Let us know where and when you got married.

*         Email your photos to onlinemarketing@logostaff.com.

Don’t forget to have everyone featured in both the videos and photos to sign this release form and email it to onlinemarketing@logostaff.com – and get ready for your close up


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