Photo by NHM

Photo by NHM

Ian Morrison (a.k.a. Brittany Lynn) may be considered one of the hardest working queens in Philly – and for good reason. On top of hosting weekly events, including the upcoming Sugarcoated Celebrities at Sugar House Casino, and slinging drinks at Tavern on Camac and UBar, he’s added talk show host to the list. Morrison (as Brittany Lynn) launched a new web series aptly called The Celebrity Sh*t Show. The gossip-fueled gab fest – produced by Philly’s own Woodshop Films – takes a hilarious look at Hollywood scandals, shockers and, well, celebrity sh*t.

“The show came about from a call from Woodshop,” says Morrison. “They had produced my online horoscope show – All My Stars – a few years back. We did about four seasons, I think [laughs]. I smoked a lot of pot back then.”

The new format has a dragged-up Morrison giving his spin on celebrity gossip. TMZ has even been providing video clips to the show, which is filmed in front of a green screen at Woodshop. Morrison describes the format as a cross between TMZ and Tosh.0. “I’m given a script on Monday, punch it up, and then we film Tuesdays,” he says. “They let me improv anything I want, then the interns find the pics and clips for whatever comes out of my mouth.”

celebrity showMorrison admits he’s been inspired by former Village Voice gadfly Michael Musto. “He’s a legend and has the most brilliant mind,” he says. “And he’s totally down to earth and one of my idols. I adore him and anything that comes out of his brain – it’s genius.”

While the weekly show is currently available on YouTube, Morrison says that it’s being sent out for possible widespread distribution. “This week, we are working on Amanda Bynes,” he says. “It’s a ton of work with that girl.”

Other muse-worthy celebrity messes that are on Morrison’s mind these days? “The biggest celebrity mess that cleaned up her act is (almost) Britney Spears,” says Morrison. “You can’t keep a good-Southern-fried-foods-eating gal down. We always snap back when it comes to what’s important. For her, it’s all about still making headlines, making music, her kids, and chicken – just like me! The next celebrity mess will be Bieber. People like to boo him, and he’s smoking pot publicly now for whatever reason. It’s the beginning of his end, but I still think he’s the hottest chick around.”

Here’s a clip:


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