Illustration by NHM

Illustration by NHM

Are you one of those romantics who are still on the search for Mr. Right? You may not think you have the smooth moves at the bars to capture the wanton attention of your crushes – and perhaps you’re not exactly the kind of guy who’s keen on bedding the first Tom, Dick or Harry you meet at Voyeur during a woozy last call. But your luck in love may soon change thanks to a new guide to gay dating – R U Looking? The book, penned by Selrach Smith, a former military officer and tech pro, is the newest self-help guide that coaches single men to navigate today’s high-tech dating world.

“Many books that currently exist on the topic are dated,” says Smith. That’s why he’s taken a more modern approach to same-sex courting for the guys who may feel chained to hook-up apps like Scruff or who might spend their days (and nights) trolling the headless torsos on Craigslist.

In addition to tips about how to create an irresistible online profile (we get it, you like walks on the beach), the gay dating guru also answers questions about what to do when you have a great date who never calls back (what did I do wrong?), or how to feel less invisible to other gay men in the personal and professional worlds (am I not thin enough?). The book, which shares an array of tips for courting one’s dream paramour and beyond, also tackles issues of coming out and self esteem, issues that the author says can complicate the ongoing pursuit of healthy, long-lasting same-sex relationships.

Think this book may be for you? Click here to read an excerpt.


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